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Use of Basketball Courts
Posted on Aug 20th, 2020

There has and continues to be a huge issue in the community with numerous non-residents occupying the basketball courts. We are aware and have been doing our best to address the issue. This creates a problem since residents are at times unable to use the courts and then there are large amounts of trash left behind that needs to be picked up on a regular basis.
We kindly ask residents to call the Prince William County non-emergency police number (703-792-6500) when this occurs so that the police can address the issue if in fact those using the courts are not residents of the community and also ask them to pick up their trash at the same time. Please let the police know that River Falls is a member of the Prince William County trespassing enforcement program and details such as the number of people, number of cars, etc. By contacting the police, this creates a log of the call so that when the Board meets with the police, the police can see the number of times that a call has been made from the community about this issue and increases it in priority.
The courts have signs posted that explain the rules of use. In order to enforce these rules and other security issues, the Board contracts with the Prince William County Police Department to provide random patrols by off-duty uniformed officers in the community four times a week for three hours each day but the days and times do not always coincide with when this occurs. We are also looking into other options. Please continue to keep us posted so we can address any issues or concerns in a timely manner. Thank you for your cooperation.
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