Board Members
Audra Edwards (term until 2023)
Liaison to the Communications Committee
Board member since 2014
Chanceford Drive
My name is Audra Edwards. My husband, Steve, and I have been residents of River Falls since 2004 and raised our now-adult children, Taylor and Blake, within its community. It’s my pleasure to continue serving on your HOA Board of Directors for what will now be my eighth year, and my seventh year as President. I joined our Board of Directors with strong encouragement from previous residents, LaMar Willis, a past board member, and Janice Graham who lived on Windermere View and felt that I would bring fresh ideas and new perspectives as a member of the board. It only made sense to run since I believe volunteerism is the key to success for any organization. In the time since I’ve lived here, I’ve grown to appreciate what a beautiful community River Falls is, and serving on the board has enabled me to better understand what is truly involved in managing a community of this size and the issues and challenges that we face. Some issues can more easily be fixed than others that may take more time. This year my priority is to focus more time and effort on long-term strategic planning. We not only have a commitment to maintain the community’s common facilities and properties, but we also need to look at ways to enhance them to increase usage, interest, and community value. I am committed to continue to work hard to keep River Falls a great place to live while holding down our monthly fees. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to continue serving the neighborhood my family has called home for sixteen years, and am enthusiastic for the projects and events of the coming year as we reintegrate as a community and draw closer to the denouement of pandemic restrictions.
Vice President:
Dave McElhaney (term until 2023)
Liaison to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
Board member since 2022
Windermere View Place (gated area)
The River Falls HOA Board of Directors would like to announce the appointment of Dave McElhaney, a resident on Windermere View Place, to fill our vacant board position. We are pleased and very grateful he is willing to serve our community in this capacity.
Dave and his wife, Sandy, have been residents within our community since 2008. He is a licensed Professional Engineer who has more than 36 years of experience and specializes in land development, civil engineering, and permitting within Northern VA. Dave has been serving as a volunteer on our Architectural Review Committee (ARC), and now he will serve as the board liaison to ARC instead. He enjoys golf, boating on the Occoquan Reservoir, and walks with Sandy and Maybelline, their treasured beagle.  
The standard term of River Falls HOA Board of Directors positions is 3 years. Dave will finish out the current term as a result of Mike McGraw’s resignation on March 2nd, which ends in 2023. He will serve likewise as Vice President in place of Mike on the Board until September 2022 at which time there will the election of one new Board member. After the 2022 Annual Meeting, there will be the annual organization of the Board and election of its officers. 
Please join us in welcoming Dave to the board. We are excited and look forward to working with him.
DeAnne Avance (term until 2022)
Liaison to the Social Committee
Board member since 2019
Beaufont Spring Court
Hello! My name is DeAnne Avance and my husband and family and I moved to River Falls in 2005 from the Springwoods area of Woodbridge. I worked as the chief finance officer and director of human resources for a government contracting firm up until a few years ago, when I retired early.  I’m a big advocate for volunteering, it’s something I’ve enjoyed ever since I was in high school. When I heard about this opening on the River Falls Board of Directors,  I thought this would be a good opportunity to learn about how HOAs work, so I volunteered for the open board position and was elected in 2018. My role on the Board has been as Secretary and the liaison to the neighborhood’s Social Committee. One of my priorities as a member of this Board is to maintain the status of River Falls as a premiere community in Prince William County. Our infrastructure is getting close to the 20-year-old mark, so I think we need to develop a master plan that looks at all our community assets to determine when they should be refurbished, replaced, or if new amenities should be added, as well as how the funding will develop to pay for these based on the plan.  My second priority is to get residents more involved with volunteer opportunities in our community. You don’t need to have a specialized skill set to join one of our committees, or to even run for the Board—we just need people who are willing to give a little time. I hope through my work on the Board and with the Social Committee, we can get more people to come out and give back, because they will find it’s rewarding both on a personal level and in terms of cultivating a positive culture in our neighborhood.
Doug Clark (term until 2024)
Liaison to the Security Committee
Board member since 2012
Cascade Way
My name is Doug Clark and my wife Prakong I have lived in River Falls since 2003. We are the original owners of our house. I grew up in southern Indiana and graduated from the University of Denver, and then I joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Thailand for 2.5 years, where I taught English in a high school and helped train other teachers. When I completed my time with the Peace Corps I joined the Foreign service and worked for the USAID from 1967 to 1994. I was in Laos for 8 years, the Philippines for 4 years, Egypt for 4 years, and then I worked in the USAID Washington, DC, headquarters before I retired as a senior foreign service officer in 1994. After that I started working as a contractor for various private organizations that do international development work, and now I work part-time for a small company that supports USAID. I’ve been a member of the River Falls Board of Directors for the last 9 years, and this is my fourth year as Treasurer. I’ve always been actively involved as a volunteer with the community where I’ve lived, and serving on the Board is one of the ways I can help volunteer with my community today. My priorities for our future here are four-fold: 1) preserving the safety and security of River Falls, because even though my own children are grown and gone, we have new families moving to River Falls and they need to feel safe; 2) helping to improve the quality and value of our common areas and the individual residences in River Falls, which is where my participation with the ARC Committee will be helpful as we work with homeowners who want to invest in their property; 3) making sure our HOA is financially sound and keeps costs to homeowners as low as we can; and 4) continuing to develop a strong sense of community in River Falls.
Judy Liebes (term until 2024)
Liaison to the Grounds Committee
Board member since 2021
Cascade Way
Hello, my name is Judy Liebes and thank you for electing me to the River Falls Board of Directors. I will be the liaison to our community’s Grounds Committee, which handles matters related to our common areas and amenities, including playgrounds, athletic courts, the pool, and roadside garden features. My husband Jerry and I have lived in River Falls since 2014. We moved here from Fairfax City so we could be close to my daughter, who lives in Lorton, and because after combining our households – this is a second marriage for both of us – we realized we needed a second garage! We love our location on Cascade Way, which overlooks the seventh fairway, and the neighbors around us are all amazing. Shortly after we moved in, I decided to join the River Falls Architectural Review Committee (ARC) because I knew the only way I would meet people was if I got involved, and I had experience volunteering with my previous HOA ARC for 13 years. I ended up serving as chair of the River Falls ARC for 3 years, up until the start of this year. I decided to run for one of the open River Falls Board of Directors positions because of my experience with ARC, and I believe my experience working for Goodwill Industries for 19 years -- during which I coordinated volunteers for special events and fundraisers, negotiated leases, and worked with contractors and county officials on permitting – will bring something valuable to the group. We all moved to River Falls because this is a beautiful neighborhood and a place we want to raise our kids and grandkids, a place we can feel proud of. I want to help us keep it that way. In addition to my volunteer work with our Board, I am a wish granter for the Make a Wish Foundation, which has been incredibly rewarding, and I’m actively involved with the sisterhood at a nearby synagogue. Jerry is also a volunteer firefighter in Fairfax City.