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Social Committee

River Falls Social Committee

Social Chair:   Natalie Wiley

Social Committee Members:  Kanchan Clark, Delane Olson


Board Liaison: DeAnne Avance



The responsibilities of the members of the Social Committee cannot be easily described in a number of events or a bulleted list.  


Mission statement

We, the dedicated members of the River Falls Social Committee, are a group of residents from River Falls that volunteer our time and effort throughout the year providing our residents with various social activities. Using allocated funds, we strive to enhance our community by offering an assortment of social events that promote unity, friendship, fun, sharing, family, and fellowship. We achieve this by planning events in our neighborhood and at the Old Hickory Clubhouse. Events have included happy hours, wine tastings, movie nights, fall festival with petting zoo, pumpkin patch and face painting, holiday party with buffet dinner, clean-up days, pool parties, ladies night out, happy hour with band, rising kindergartner party, Bunco, poker, book clubs, Easter Egg Hunt, Meet and Greet with Santa and Easter Bunny, Oktoberfest, and more. As members of the River Falls Social Committee, we volunteer our time for these events so our residents have the opportunity to meet one another and interact as a community. 


Monthly meeting

The Social Committee typically meets the 1stSunday of the month 3:00 PM typically at the Old Hickory Clubhouse. Any Social Committee Chair that misses more than three consecutive scheduled meetings and/or events shall be considered to have resigned from the Social Committee.  


Board Meetings

The Social Committee Chair will provide the management company, FirstResidential Services, with an updated Social Committee report prior to the Board Meeting each month and attend as requested.  



Social Committee events are different from outings in that they involve organization, setup, maintenance, and cleanup.  An example of an event is a barbeque and an example of an outing is going to a movie theater.  Outings only involve the organization and maintenance, where the maintenance is usually enjoyable – like watching a movie.  Events involve all four of the above listed steps; maintaining an event involves unpleasant tasks like flipping burgers in front of a grill in mid-summer. 


How many events should we have?

A good rule of thumb is for the Social Committee to always have something on the calendar.  All members of the Social Committee should help out with every event.  All events held at Old Hickory will be coordinated by the designated Old Hickory liaison who is the only person authorized to contract events with Old Hickory. The current liaison is Delane Olson and she can be reached by email at ldo343@aol.com. Also, the committee should work closely with Michelle Wang, the events manager at Old Hickory, to promote events being held at the clubhouse such as Comedy Night, Easter Brunch, Mother’s Day Brunch, New Year’s Celebration, etc.    



Outings or events not held in the River Falls community may take place as long as they are self-funded by those who wish to participate due to a limited number of spots, interest, and cost.  If you have an outing, make sure that it’s not too expensive, there is room for a lot of people, and wide interest in such a trip. Examples of outings that fit these qualifications: movie outing and private party room at a local restaurant. All outings must be approved by the Board of Directors in advance.


Sign-up sheets

Each year at the Annual Meeting, a request will be made for a volunteer to assume the Social Committee Chair position until the following Annual Meeting and nominations will be taken through May 1st, if necessary. The Social Committee could have a table to let the community know more about the specifics of the committee and to have an opportunity to provide feedback.  It’s also a chance for the Social Committee to request additional support from the community by having sign-up sheets for upcoming events/outings. Sign-up sheets are required at any events that cost more than $400. This is to have documentation to accurately assess an event to determine if the cost per person is reasonable and if the event should be held again in the future. 


Free outings

Remember, there is nothing wrong with free outings!


River Falls traditions

Creativity is strongly encouraged.  There may be a few events that could create a sense of continuity:

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Meet and greet with Santa and the Easter Bunny
  • Oktoberfest/Fall Festival 

 Event registration

It is typically done by requesting that the community respond by email (social@riverfallshoa.com) letting the Social Committee know that they plan to attend. 



The amount and type of food at events is at the discretion of the Social Committee and is based on the number of RSVPs received by a predetermined date.  



There should never be a social event within the River Falls community that the HOA provides/pays for alcohol.  If you're thinking about having a party with drinks, it is recommended to either have a policy of bring your own beverage (BYOB) as in the case when the Oktoberfest event was held at the pool house parking lot or when hosting an event at the clubhouse, individuals should pay for their own beverages, except for the complimentary coffee or soft drinks included with the food order. 


Events checklist

Here is a list of items to get you started:

  • Budget 
  • Music (DJ, equipment, bands) 
  • Food (don't forget paper goods) 
  • Location  
  • Publicity (sign boards, Facebook, NextDoor, website, email, word-of-mouth) 
  • Theme and Decor (Check out Oriental Trading Company for ideas) 
  • Other gimmicks:  prizes, party favors 

 Inter-committee events

Example: if the Social Committee and Grounds Committee jointly hold a Community Clean-up Day, which is an event that will bring together the community.  You could meet at the pool on a Saturday morning and provide coffee and doughnuts for those participating in the event.  The neighborhood could be divided up into zones on a map of the community and designated areas given to each group with some trash bags.  Need to coordinate trash pick-up either by taking to the dump or letting FirstService Residential, the management company, contact AAA for a special trash pick-up. 


Working together

Social Committee members tend to work closely together to put together these large events. Different people work differently, but you may find the following strategies useful.

  • Have one person "in-charge" for each event. They should have the big picture from the beginning of what is happening from food to publicity to event registration.  The other members will be involved in the setup, maintenance, and cleanup. 
  • Develop committee roles.  Certain responsibilities come up frequently and it can save time if one person familiarizes themselves with a task and keeps doing it.  Typical tasks include: budgeting, publicity, event registration, catering.  However you may not want to divide up roles in this manner since if one of those members leaves the Social Committee, then that bit of expertise is completely lost. 
  • Have regular meetings.  Once a week when things are happening, or as necessary. 
  • Keep in touch by email. 


The Social Committee typically has a sum of money that we are expected to use to build a visible community.  It is crucial to keep track of how much money has been spent and tell other committee members how much is left to spend on future events.  Make a copy of your receipt for yourself and one for the management company.  The management company will record and approve the expenses and then pass on the receipts to their accounting department for reimbursement within 7-10 business days.



The Social Committee typically gets funding for their events from the River Falls HOA.  The caveat is that the Social Committee could decide to charge a nominal fee for the various events to offset the costs to the HOA.  Then there would be some additional money to use throughout the year.  By charging a fee, it may indicate a stronger commitment from the community to attend rather than result in a no-show and may cost the HOA additional money.



Publicity is very important and leaves a lot of room for creativity, especially through the use of Facebook(www.facebook.com/HOARiverFallsor www.facebook.com/RiverFallsCommunity),the River Falls website, www.riverfallshoa.com, and NextDoor, www.nextdoor.com.  The Social Committee has possession of the email address, social@riverfallshoa.com, which is typically directed to the Social Chair’s personal email address.  While sign boards and emails are essential to spreading the word, word-of-mouth should not be underestimated.  All email correspondence is sent to FirstService Residential, the management company, to forward along to the community; only one correspondence per week.  The contact is Victoria Bloom at 703-385-1133 or by email at victoria.bloom@fsaresidential.com.  It is important to copy webmaster@riverfallshoa.com on any correspondence so that events can also be posted on the River Falls website.  A flyer can be created to promote an event and is useful to pass out to the community as another way to spread the word about the event.       


The Social Committee owns several pieces of equipment including:

  • Sign boards (2 total) and letters
  • Easter Bunny costume
  • Miscellaneous items

Previous vendors include:

Gerri Mellen

Face Odyssey Face Painting

Tel:  571-296-0928



Amy Carrasquillo

Hop on Pop’s Moonbounce

Tel:  703-986-3515



Previous Social Chairs include:

Alethea Ashley (2003-2006), 11405 Garsdale Place, alethea.ashley@gmail.com

Audra Edwards (August 2013-May 2014), 11900 Chanceford Drive, aedwards70@comcast.net

Venice Goodwine (August 2014-May 2016), 4701 Grand Masters Way,


Rachita Kenny (2007), Grand Masters Way

Earnestine Lewis (May 2016-May 2017), 11672 Chanceford Drive, binnse@aol.com

Delane Olson (2009-2012), 4508 Mosser Mill Court, ldo343@aol.com

Anne Sanders (May 2012-May 2013), 11679 Chanceford Drive, fannysanders@comcast.net

Jensy Scarola (2008)

Lynette Sprowls (2006) 

Natalie Wiley (June 2017-present), 11872 Chanceford Drive, napalipi@yahoo.com